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Why I chose the IT field

Way back when Microsoft released their mighty debut home game console the Xbox (the original), I was hooked. I had been a gamer since I was about three and this new system blew everything else away. It wasn't until some time later that I found out that this box of joy could be hacked to do so many more great things other than its creator intended it to do. After creating some skins for the custom dash of my choice (UnleashX) I decided that I wanted to be a programmer. And the rest is history...

Knowing is half the battle

I started teaching myself some basic html before attending Northeast State Community College. While I was there I picked up associate's degrees in computer programming and web development. I was hired in my last semester by my current employer who had me pick up the MySQL 5 Certified Associate certification from Oracle. I am currently attending King University to obtain my bachelor's degree in information technology concentrating in computer programming. After that I plan to continue with my master's degree and eventually obtain a doctorate in computer science. I think Dr. Blevins has a nice ring to it.

You can view my wall of educational achievements here.

I like to have fun too

In my spare time (if you can call it that) I enjoy spending time with my family. I also have picked up two new hobbies: home brewing and metal casting. When I'm not at work or completing school assignments you will probably find me playing with my kids, bottling some fresh stout, or making spare PC parts out of aluminum cans. Oh yeah, I like video games too.


Josh Blevins Xbox hacking

1st Brew Brewing my first batch

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