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Step right in, have a look around.

Welcome to my website. From the above menu bar you can view some information about me or take a look at some of the projects that I have completed. You can also contact me from either the "Contact Me" page or from the social media icons below the main menu. This home page will contain news and updaes as they happen. Thanks for stopping in, enjoy your stay.

12-8-13 -- New c# game added.

I decided to teach myself c#, so what better way to do that than to make a game. I created a small, simple puzzle game similar to a one-sided Rubik's Cube. The goal is simple: turn all of the buttons to the same color. Clicking a button changes the color of a set of buttons to red, blue, or green. Think you can beat the puzzle? Go to the c# examples page to downlaod it.

Josh Blevins Click to zoom.